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Principal for Nordic International School in Karlstad, Nordic International School Karlstad

Fria Läroverken operates seven upper secondary schools in Kalmar, Karlshamn, Karlstad, Linköping, Malmö, Norrköping and Ystad. All of our schools allow students to combine their own area of interest with academic studies. We also have a primary school in Växjö and a remedial education school in Norrköping called Karmfalkska. From the autumn 2017 we have started a new primary school in Norrköping called Nordic International School and from the autumn 2018 we vill start in Karlstad.

About the School
Nordic International School will be starting its second school in Sweden in the autumn of 2017.

The school will be located within the Orrholmen in Karlstad.

We are looking for a principal who is willing and capable of taking on the challenging task of building up an international school from the ground up. Our vision is a modern school based on high academic expectations, structure and order and teaching with roots in modern educational research.

Nordic International School will be an international school of the highest educational quality for years 4-9. It will follow the Swedish curriculum, however certain parts of the education will be taught in English led by staff with English as their native language. Teaching will be based on the international educational platform IMYC and our school will be a part of an international network of schools. Read more about the school at

As principal you will be a part of our principal team addressing challenges but also having a lot of fun together. We meet on a monthly basis for skills development, meetings and educational development. 

The company?s main headquarters are located in Norrköping where you also have access to support staff within HR, finance, marketing and quality. You will have a great deal of freedom to shape your work based on the joint framework we have created for our schools. We place high importance on short decision making channels and direct and honest communication between schools and the management team. If you enjoy working in a straight talking and fast paced environment you will fit in with us.

Requirements of the job
As principal you are responsible for: 

- the educational leadership; you will have the school?s leading teachers to support you with this work
- developing the school according to the company?s goals, general guidelines and policies and also the national regulations
- ensuring that the school operates on our joint quality system and that the school is organised in the best way based on students? needs
- recruiting and introducing the best colleagues 
- ensuring that staff and students are able to take an active role in the running of the school
- providing a positive working environment

You will also participate in strategy conferences and events which will involve a number of overnight stays. You will report to the CEO but will also have regular follow-up meetings with both the finance and HR department.

- We are looking for you who has a proven and solid educational background, has experience of school leadership and preferably has completed a principal training course
- You should be proficient in the English language
- International experience is of merit
- You should have a number of years experience of headship of a primary school
- You want to work in an organisation which operates based on goals and quality
- You should be comfortable in representing the school externally in different situations, not the least internationally
- You have the ability to think economically and are market oriented

Personal qualities 
We place great emphasis on your personal qualities which we describe below: 

You are highly performance based which is shown by your desire to achieve goals and objectives. You understand that quality and good results are interlinked. You have the ability to plan and work in a structured manner and on a long-term basis. You will be managing projects with clear timeframes where deadlines are important.

You have qualities which encourage teamwork and group cooperation. You enjoy working together with others and take the initiative to make new contacts. You are social and comfortable with meeting a lot of new people. You are able to get your point across both in small and large groups. You have the ability to show trust and confidence in others and place great importance on upholding good relations. You have the ability to manage differences of opinions.

You are able to see the comprehensive view/big picture and to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the organisation. You should manage and guide the school towards continual development and have the ability to create and apply change. You have a large financial responsibility and it is important that you have the ability to manage and keep to budgets.

You should be able to make decisions preferably in agreement with others but also possess the ability to make executive decisions when so required. You are guided by your experiences and desire to develop and lead the school in line with the company?s vision.

You are mindful of your surroundings and have the ability to delegate, follow up and evaluate. You have a positive way of looking at people which is reflected in the way you deal with staff and students.

Terms and conditions
We have a collective agreement and apply ?FERIETJÄNST? for teaching staff according to local agreements and SEMESTERTJÄNST for support staff.

We offer a competitive salary.

A criminal record check is obligatory.

The start date is negotiable however it is preferable during the period of April - June 2018.

Interviews will start immediately and the appointment may be filled before the application time is over. 

Contract type: Permanent

Contract term: Full Time (100%)

Salary: Monthly


If you have questions please contact, preferably on e-mail: 

HR-manager, Pär Sigvardsson:, +46 737-500 179

Marketing Director, Erik Ramberg:, +46 721-673 001

CEO, Christine Karmfalk:, +46 702-611 244



Please note that we currently have an agreement with a recruitment company and will therefore not be accepting contact with other recruitment companies at this time.